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NDSTM/RCK | DAMAGES | Assorted Bundle | 25 Piece Bundles
NDSTM/RCK | DAMAGES | Assorted Bundle | 25 Piece Bundles
NDSTM/RCK | DAMAGES | Assorted Bundle | 25 Piece Bundles

NDSTM/RCK | DAMAGES | Assorted Bundle | 25 Piece Bundles

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*UPDATED 04-28-2021*

  • General description: This bundle primarily consists of Nordstrom/Rack HOUSE BRANDS. (Approximately 80% of our stock.) The bundle will primarily consist of Women's clothing, but can include Men's and Kid's. 
  • Piece bundles: 25 piece bundles.
  • Classification/Condition of apparel: These bundles will consist of DAMAGED clothing. Can include, but not limited to, tears, rips, missing buttons, missing brand tags, stains etc. This clothing has been EXPOSED TO A RETAIL ENVIRONMENT and can show signs of being WORN and RETURNED. 
  • Assortment and sizing: Assorted styles and sizing. All bundles will vary.
  • Sold at: Nordstrom/RCK
  • Misc. notes: This bundle is sold AS IS and will NOT ACCEPT returns or issue refunds/credit for this bundle due to its classification. This bundle is intended for those who want to make use of the fabric or want to attempt to salvage the items. 
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    So worth it!

    So a few items were not in resale condition (as advertised). The rest sold with an incredible profit. I would buy again and again

    Mixed Lot-still great

    This salvage box had some men’s items in it which I didn’t mind. Could salvage most of the items. Already sold 6 items. Ordered another one.

    Not as good as salvage box

    Listing does describe the items as damaged -and they are, but the condition is worse than the salvage box I purchased a while back. I have a background in textiles and apparel and have the ability to repair most garments, but there were only 4 items in this box I can repair to possibly resell. Most items had clearly been used / worn which the listing does not state. Broken zippers on all dresses, ripped necklines, and food down the front of one sweater. Kind of upset the condition of most items is too poor to donate to Goodwill. If you enjoy repairing clothing, maybe the salvage box is a better bet. There is no resale value in this bundle.