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1.  Product is offered for sale during a 48 hour timed offering. All product-specific details will be listed on product sale page.

2.  Participants 'buy-in' towards desired amount of product. A 10% deposit of total cost will be held to reserve specified amount of product. The sale will end once required 'buy-ins' are met, or once the 48 hour time frame is complete (whichever comes first).

3.  If minimum buy-ins are met, the goods are confirmed as sold. Remaining payment total must be remitted within 24 hours. Alternatively, if the 'reserve' (insufficient participants/buy-ins) is not met, the goods will be declared as unsold and deposits will be released within 1 business day.

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Susana Monaco | Designer Ladies Assorted Apparel | New Overproduction | 25 Piece Min.


for 25 pieces!

$37.50 deposit held per every 25 pieces

  • Susana Monaco ladies couture apparel.
  • $15.00 a piece!
  • Assortment of styles & sizes (all varied), 2019-2020 stock!
    • Expect 4-8 styles per every 25 pieces.
  • Tremendous resale potential!
  • Sold at Nordstrom & Revolve!
  • New, overproduction stock. With original tags.
  • 25 piece minimum buy-in.
    • You can increase by multiples of 25 pieces by increasing the product quantity on 'cart' page (before checking out).
    • A 10% deposit ($37.50 per every 25 pieces) will be held at time of 'buy-in'. Held deposit will be credited towards purchase total upon successful sale. 
    • If sale is unsuccessful (insufficient participants/buy-ins) deposit will be released within 24 business hours.
    • Shipping cost will be $60 per every 25 pieces if you're in the contiguous USA. Please inquire for international shipping.
  • Average retail price of $150-200+.
  • If you are interested in larger quantities please inquire.
  • All sales are final. No returns or refunds on this product.
  • Purchases will begin shipping out 5 business days after total purchase amount is remitted.

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